Lake View Community Church

Lake View Community Church

2043 Lakeview Rd PO Box 6

Lake View, NY 14085 

Tel: 716-627-5978

Proudly serving the Hamburg, NY and surrounding community in Lake View

Everyone Is Welcome

OUR MISSION is to help people be who God created them to be. 

  • Sharing the Gospel of the forgiveness of sins and road to eternal life- Did you know that God desires that all would be saved?  All have fallen short of God's Glory through sin we have died - The bible tells "The wages of sin is death ..." but the good news is that sentence continues with "... but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord"- Romans 6:23
  • Creating Disciples​ is the commission given by Jesus to teach all we have been.  This is the gospel, following Christ's commands. It is creating people who love one another, love others and even love their enemies with a desire.  It is good works given by God not works to get to God. It is a growing of the power over sin and the things of this world and seeking His kingdom and righteousness.  It is building a trust and relationship with God. It is discovering, developing and learning to employ Spiritual gifts in the furtherance of His kingdom to His Glory

Take the first step toward personal renewal – join us for services this weekend!

Lake View Community Church

2043 Lake View Rd.
Lake View, NY 14085

PO Box 6, Lake View, NY 14085

Tel: 716.627.5798

Proudly Serving the Hamburg, NY Community in Lake View